Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Save Money on Trans-Siberain Orchestra Tickets.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has been touring every Christmas for over 10 years now and has become a end of year tradition for many.  If you have missed their shows you can buy tickets with NO Service Fees from TICKETFINDER.com.  This is a must see performance for any rock fan.

When Paul O'Neill first conceived Trans-Siberian Orchestra, his goal was as straightforward as it was ambitious. "The whole idea," he explains, "was to create a progressive rock band that would push the boundaries further than any group before, following in the footsteps of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, the Who...but take it way, way further."

With more than 7 million albums sold TSO has inspired generations of fans to rediscover the multi-dimensional art form of the rock opera. On the road, meanwhile, they have become one of the world's top acts including a recent mention in Billboard magazine as one of the top touring artists of the past decade.