Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Interesting Article in SFgate.com about Super Bowl ticket prices.

Football There is an article in today's SFgate.com on 01-26-2016 about Super Bowl ticket prices.  It says that prices are the highest they have seen in years and mention two after market ticket brokers Stubhub and SeatGeak as a place to buy tickets

I took a look at them to see were TICKETFINDER.com stands against them on pricing for the exact same seats.  The seats are the lowest priced one's in the 400 level.  Stubhub = $4, 000.00 + $680.00 service fee = $4,680.00 plus delivery or pickup, SeatGeek = $4,310.00 + $15.00 delivery = $4,325.00 and TICKETFINDER.com $4,015.00 with FREE Delivery and NO added Service Fee at checkout.  The facts are simple.

StubHub has been around since 2000 and SeatGeat has been open since 2009 and TICKETFINDER.com since 1990.  Who do you trust?  Just saying.