Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prince was one of my top five performers of all time! RIP

Thinking about the news on Prince today brings me back to my first experience seeing him live.  I have been attending concerts since 1960 and have been to more concerts than most.  Counting all the artists i have had the pleasure to see live it's comes to over 750 individual performers easy. 

Since i was a working musician during the 60's and 70's in San Francisco I was right in the middle of a rock and roll revolution and was fortunate to have performed and hung around with some of the best musicians who went on to great fame in later years.

In recent years it's been much harder for me to find real talent in what today is called pop, R&B, Country, Rock and Metal music but the first time I heard Prince and then saw him live it was clear to me that this prodigy was a special artist.  Not only was he a one man band playing all the instruments on most of his work, composing some of the most iconic songs of our life time for himself and others, his live shows were mind blowing and an education of what a true entertainer is.  I remember when attending his shows the audience was always full of the best musicians in music.  A one of the performances we attended as the lights went down the four seats in-front of us were filled with a familiar person and his family.  When the lights went up we could see it was Paul McCartney and family and I saw Paul say to his wife "WOW he is just an unbelievable performer."

He will be missed and I only hope you had the opportunity to see him at least once in person and i am sure that if you did it was a life changing experience.

Thank you Prince for all you work.  You will be missed but never forgotten.  Your biggest fan.

David Boitano.