Saturday, July 16, 2016

Cover Bands and are they worth your time and money!

In the past few years i have been attending many concert performances by cover bands.  Is it worth taking time to see a cover band?  I think it is since many are made of well seasoned performers who not only capture the look and feel of the original band or performer but exceed them at times as well.

Case in point.  I just saw Gregg Rolie's band in Santa Cruz on the beach for free.  Yes Gregg was one of the original founding members of both Santana and Journey and did help to write some of Santana's greatest hits but his current band is far better than Santana's band.

I am not saying that Santana is not a amazing talent in fact he is but the rest of his band although competent did not put on as exciting a show as Gregg's Rolie's current band did on Santana hits.  They not only rocked it but added some flair to the songs that made them their own.

I had the same experience with The Family Stone who have just two of the original members of Sly and The Family Stone, Gregg Enrico drums and Jerry Martini sax, and they rocked the place.  Sly's daughter "Raw Sly" has taken over the duties of her mother Cynthia Robinson who passed away a couple of months ago.  The even changed some of the words to Dance To The Music from "Cynthia on the Horn" to Jerry on The Horn" which most did not even notice but i did. 

Not sure if you can call them a cover band since the both have some members of the original bands but thats how i see them. 

There are many others as well so let me know what your thoughts are and who you may want to recommend to see.  David Boitano CEO/Founder of