Friday, December 2, 2016

Is Hamilton The Musical Worth The Price!

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Well that is not such a simple question to answer.  With face value prices running from $100 - $375 per seat and after market prices in the $175 - $1,000 range I am just not sure.

Here are my thoughts on this.  If your a huge live musical theatre buff then it may be worth it to you to see this history making musical.  According to reviews in New York this is the most revolutionary show ever and based on the demand and prices I will have to agree.  Prices in New York have been running from $225 - $2,500 per seat at times.  Yes crazy prices but hey its New York.

Now I have not seen the musical myself yet, but did see a promo short and more than likely will wait until the end of the run or hope for a free invite from the company to go see it but I am in the business and should at least take a look see.

Hopefully the hype will cool down as it makes its run Nationwide at the end of 2016 and throughout 2017.   This looks like its going to be bigger than Book of Mormon which was a hard and expensive tickets to get but those who waited until the end of the run were able to get in at face value and get rush tickets.

Be sure to check on what are called rush tickets at $41.00 each average.  These are seats that they sell at showtime with a lottery system so go to the venues website to learn about those.  Good Luck.  David from