Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rolling Stones Movie Ole Ole Ole Review.

Went and saw the one night only Rolling Stones movie Ole Ole Ole.   The movie covers travel, life and concerts in South America ending with the first outdoor concert by a major rock act in Havana, Cuba.

Most of the movie is like a documentary of the life, times and tour inside the Rolling Stones.  Its a must see for Stones fans.  Now there are only two songs that are shown in their entirity but the scene with Keith and Mick sitting down discussing the origins of Honky Tonk Women, who they were and their acoustic back stage performance with just the two them was worth the whole move to me. It shows for the first time the love and friendship between two of rocks largest figures and in my opinion is the best performance they may have ever done.

If you get a chance to see it and you love the Rolling Stones go with an open mind and love the fact that only the Rolling Stones could have pulled off what is sure to go down in Cuba's history as one of the moments that freedom came back to Cuba.  After 80 years both The Rolling Stones and President Obama show up in Cuba the same week!  Oh and note that the Pope had to complain to the Cuban government that the show was taking place on Good Friday so it should be moved to which Keith replys "He not my boss so on with the show".

David Boitano CEO/Founder TICKETFINDER.com