Monday, June 28, 2010

What's This Week Biggest Sports Event!

This weeks biggest sports event and possible the biggest in years is Wimbledon.  One of Englands players Andy Murray seems to be advancing through each round and this has put pressure on tickets and badges for Wimbledon since it may be the first time in many years that a player from the UK goes all the way.  Seems as thought each time he passes another round the demand and prices for the following games take a huge jump up. 

As of today tickets for the Final Men's Wimbledon Match are running as high as £8,500 which is $12,831.90 each at today exchange rate. 

We have tickets priced from $4.000 - $11,000 for the final game and a few in the $1,000 range for other matches but supply has become very very limited.  Pickup is at our London Office or delivery can be arranged.  See more here.