Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Time to move on to Baseball and Football.

For Golden State Warriors fans the season came to a sad end but lets not throw away what a great record breaking season The Warriors did have.  Those final games were some of the NBA's greatest games ever.  Cu-do's to Cleveland for standing up to one of the NBA's toughest teams to beat and prevailing in the end.

Don't forget about The San Jose Sharks who for the first time in their history made it to The Stanley Cup finals giving their long time fans some hope for next season and the thrill of attending those games.  Yes the Sharks did not win but at least they provided their fans with some excitement and reason to come back next year.

Sports fans in the San Francisco Bay Area have have many historic sports teams over the years and sometimes its easy to say "What have you done for me lately" but "hey" enjoy what we do have and move your sports focus on to MLB Baseball, on now. and the NFL Football season coming up soon.

Most major cities have never been able to host any of these games.  We San Francisco fans have had the privilege to enjoy many Super Bowl wins, World Series wins and great college football and basketball sports teams in the past.  We will see that again soon.  TICKETFINDER.com