Thursday, September 15, 2016

Unforgettable Experiences!

Meet and Greets, Adventures Unlimited, Learning Experiences and More! is proud to announce its affiliation with IfOnly. This service offers "Once in a Lifetime Experiences" to those lucky few, who dream big, are adventuress and willing to step out of the box to try something new while supporting worthy causes around the world.

IfOny is a marketplace for incredible experiences. From unique everyday offerings with local experts to once-in-a-lifetime connections with lauded luminaries, we can provide access to a curated selection of extraordinary experiences that benefit worthy causes around the world.

Members enjoy amazing experiences that help them do something incredible every weekend. Engage with athletes, epicureans, artists, musicians, designers, and others who inspire shared interests, foster lasting memories, and benefit impactful causes.

Luminaries can share their talent and build their business on the marketplace. From meeting premium clientele to promoting their experiences in a curated, safe environment, top luminaries trust us to help them build their brand while benefiting important causes.

We support that life is not about buying things, it's about the extraordinary experiences we remember and share.

Let help you find your Extraordinary Experience. Go here for more info: